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Learn How a Broke Homeless Man Made $600,000 His First Year In Business Using AI...

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Would You Like To Learn How To Have The Ultimate Goal Of Time & Financial Freedom By Growing An Online Coaching Or Consulting Company To $30k+ Months Within The Next 60 Days Without Having To Pay For Ads Or Spend Years Trying To Figure It Out On Your Own? And Guess What? It's 100% Automated Using AI...

I remember the first year starting my consulting and coaching company attempting to figure out how the heck am I going get clients? How am I able to make a great living doing this? Can I do this? Sometimes asking the Universe the right questions allow the right answers somehow to appear. That's exactly what happened to me as I figured out a system to automate my lead funnel without ads and that first month within 7 days my calendar was full of qualified clients 6 weeks in advance. That first month I made $50,000.00 and that year I made $600,000.00 in revenue. 
Prior to that in my media agency I used to make 120+ cold calls a day and attended every networking group in my city only to book one or two meetings per week. Now I literally click a button to turn on my funnel in the morning and 24 hours later my calendar is full for 8 weeks in advance  and I have to turn off the funnel as I just cannot take any more meetings. The crazy thing is that they are ALL qualified leads of my ideal customer and match my avatar perfectly. Still to this day I ask myself how is this possible?

Now I get to work with you and show you exactly how I am able to do this day in and day out without spending a cent on ads or countless hours cold calling or attending networking events. 


Meet your MENTOR

In 2016 I was a homeless drug addict that felt hopeless and alone. Today I own multiple companies and have started a small private equity firm with some other investors acquiring companies. I was asked to be a TEDx speaker coach, and have do a keynote speech to a major University, and have spoken in front of parliament and government officials. I was even able to be a Digital Nomad and live in Brazil for 6 months. How did a down and out drug addict leave the Rat Race forever? 

  • ​Serial Entrepreneur - Multiple 6&7 Figure Companies 
  • Professional Speaker - Keynote, TEDx, Stages Globally
  • I Will Mentor You TODAY
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What others are saying about us

"The key to success is learning from others that have paved the way"

"Brad is an EXCELLENT teacher"

Brad is an EXCELLENT teacher and is a true expert at leveraging communication to create relationships and increase revenue. Was on a call with Brad where he broke down exactly how to use platforms like LinkedIn to score major wins for my business. Super friendly, very knowledgeable, and would definitely recommend collaborating with Brad.


"Highly Recommend"

Brad is professional and talented with a grate perspective as a business coach. He help me a lot with a lot useful tips and valuable information haw to grow my business. Highly recommended.


"Brad and his advice is golden for any startup looking to take things to the next level"

It is extremely rare to run across an advisor and mentor of Bradley's caliber. I approached Bradley for some guidance in building my business and personal brand and he delivered nothing but fantastic advice. Bradley is an incredibly effective communicator and is very knowledgeable about the particulars of building brands and businesses. Bradley and his advice is golden for any startup looking to take things to the next level, or for any individual seeking to improve their skills.



This Could Be For You If...

You are a working professional that wants to start a business

You are spending far too much time doing outbound lead generation

You see the value of having a coach and mentor

You are a coach or consultant but haven't made 6 figures yet

You are only booking a few meetings per week

You believe in spending money on education and training to grow your business 

You are a coach or consultant and have had $10K months but have not been consitent

You have or don't want to spend thousands of dollars on ad spend

You have no problem making decisions and taking action


This Might Not Be For You If...

You have a hard time taking action after learning something new

You are looking for a "Get Rich Quick" scheme

You do not read books or listen to podcast

You do not see the value in mentorship and coaching

You are not coachable and have a hard time learning from others

You don't like networking with other like minded people

You do not have any career or work experience

You don't like people and helping others

You have never done anything to improve your life

our Program is a 90 day coaching program where we teach you step by step on how to have $30k+ months Consistently. Weekly coaching calls over the next 90 days...

Did You Know That Most People That Have Bought A Course Have Never Even Met Their Coach LIVE? This is NOT That Course. We Meet All Of Our Students And Build Life Long Connections

As A Bonus:

You will also gain access to our weekly MasterMind Group once graduated for 12 months. The purpose of this group is to make sure we continue to monitor your progress  by helping each other in small facilitator lead groups (Max 12 people per group) and grow through the challenges we face in business. 

"Instead of baby showers, let's host business showers. When a friend starts a business we ALL come TOGETHER to congratulate them and bring resources for their business." - Unknown

This group is for all of the members that have gone through our training. We meet weekly from now until forever. This is Peer to Peer lead every week rain or shine we get together to help each other navigate the world of entrepreneurship.
" What we can't do alone we CAN do TOGETHER". - Brad Bruce

What you get: 12 Month Access

> Weekly ZOOM MasterMind meetings in small groups peer to peer with a facilitator.

> WhatsApp group to keep engaged with the community to ask questions on the spot and get support

> 12 month access to our FB Group to get additional help with your business and access to our community

> Our FB Group will have daily posts with tips, tricks, and hacks for your business. Access our video replays and coaching calls.

We look forward to building community with you and creating LIFELONG friends.


Frequently Asked Questions

Happy to answer your questions. If you can't find the answer here we'll answer all your questions on our 1st call.

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 How do I know if this works for me?

If you are a working professional looking to start a business in coaching or consulting then this is for you. If you are a coach or a consultant not hitting the numbers you want or spending too much time lead sourcing. Then this program is for you. Generate $20k to $30k months by implementing our unique process while only working a few hours per day.  

 How long is the program?

Our coaching program is 90 days and our coaching calls are weekly and after completion you gain access to our 12 month MasterMind Group.

 Is this virtual or in-person?

All of our trainings and MasterMind's are held via ZOOM weekly.

 Do I get support if I'm stuck?

YES! You will be added to our WhatsApp Group immediately upon starting where you will get instant access to support. 

 How long is the support?

You get a full 12 months of support after our 90 day program with our MasterMind community which is unheard of in the coaching community.