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The most difficult question for people is...

I have or want a coaching business but how do I make it successful?! 

We help working professionals, coaches, consultants, and experts build their purpose driven coaching or consulting business and generate $30k+ months consistently. We will teach you how to grow and scale that company without the high costs of expensive ads or endless amounts of capital going out the door. All completely automated using AI technology. So you can have both time and financial freedom to do what you want, when you want. 

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We are on a mission to save as many people from the 9-5 Rat Race as we possibly can to build successful companies while having more time to do the things they love and live financially free. We Help aspiring entrepreneurs quit their day job and tell their bosses to shove it.  So That They Can live the life the Universe has planned them to live and become financially free while living your purpose.  

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You Are Not Living Your Purpose.

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Does This Sound Like You?

Most people have a dream life that is buried in their soul but they have no idea how to make that dream a reality. They do not know where to start or what they need to do to have the time freedom and financial freedom to live their best lives. Each day getting further and further away from that future self that is happy and FREE...

  • Do you feel like... you're not where you want to be in life
  • Does it seem... time is running out on living your dream life
  • Are you frustrated that... Can't figure it out and feel lost
  • And when it comes down to it, do you...  know you deserve a better life!


Our Services 

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This Will Change Your Life

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10x Revenue in Months NOT Years

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This Will Make You Rich

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Brad Bruce

How did a homeless down and out drug addict find success?  

Looking back 6 years ago I was homeless and suffering from PTSD and Drug Addiction. I felt hopeless and every day I wish I did not wake up. I was angry and deep in the pit of despair thinking I will Never be able to get out of this. I had already survived a drug overdose and a suicide attempt and knew in my heart that dying was not the answer. So I made one last attempt to change my life and met a therapist that would help change my life forever

She was the first person that knew that I was suffering from trauma and until I heal that part within me there was going to be no hope. So she handed me a book called WASTED which changed my life forever. Finally I understood what was wrong with me and more importantly how to treat it. I walked through the doors of Pacifica Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centre in Vancouver, BC Canada with a new sense of hope that I have never felt before. 

That day I made a pact with myself walking through those doors. I am not going just save my life but I am going to build a life worth saving. Which means I did NOT want no Ordinary life. I WILL have an EXTRAORDINARY life... What does an extraordinary life look like? I have seen the pits of hellbut what does heaven on earth look like? What does my dream life look like? It's time to think BIG and STOP playing small. That decision that day changed me forever and I knew right then that I would never be the same. The first year in my recovery I became a professional speaker and was able to speak in front of parliament, first responders, entrepreneurs and the business community, and to large audiences online. I was asked to do a keynote speech for Trinity Western University business school and I was even asked to be a speaker coach for TEDx. I also launched a media company and my first month I made $50,000 in sales using a unique method that I will be sharing with you.

Then I launched a consulting agency and in our first year we made $600,000 in revenue using our techniques which we will be walking you through step by step. As a result I have been able to have the time freedom to live the life I want and not have my schedule dictate my life. I dictate my schedule and that is the most freeing feeling in the world being able to leave the RAT RACE for good. Last year I was able to live in Brazil with my partner for 6 months and have the time and financial freedom to do what I wanted. Is this going to be the year you change your life forever?

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Proven Outcomes

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"Brad is an EXCELLENT teacher and is a true expert at leveraging communication to create relationships and increase revenue. Was on a call with Brad where he broke down exactly how to use platforms like LinkedIn to score major wins for my business. Super friendly, very knowledgeable, and would definitely recommend collaborating with Brad. "


"It is extremely rare to run across an advisor of Bradley's caliber. I approached Bradley for some guidance in building my business and personal brand and he delivered nothing but fantastic advice. Bradley is an incredibly effective communicator and is very knowledgeable about the particulars of building brands and businesses. Bradley and his advice is golden for any startup looking to take things to the next level, or for any individual seeking to improve their skills."

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"Bradley always had so much energy and passion when it comes to business. He thinks out side the box and knows how to make it happen. I would highly recommend his services to anyone that is thinking about working with him."


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